kitchen design service

We do not charge for the initial service of designs and quotations.

newrooms designers are very experienced in transforming your ideas in to a beautiful and practical kitchen. Or be it a utility, boot room, bedroom or bathroom. We are pleased to say we do not have a “one size fits all approach” to design. We are very considerate when listening to your wishes and our ensuing design is tailored exactly to the personality. Furthermore to the character of the home & people living there.

To ensure we offer you the most accurate layout and price we will try and gain the best understanding of your ideas. Consider the space, budget and all other expectations including any potential project labour. Then of course your all-important practical and aesthetic likes and dislikes. All compiled using our unique newrooms wishlist to design your perfect kitchen.

We recommend calling the showroom to speak to one of our kitchen designers to arrange your initial consultation. From there we will either visit you in the comfort of your own home or you can schedule a visit to the showroom in Methwold, Norfolk. Our turn around time for designs and quotations will be to suit your schedule. Obviously dependent on project complexity and length.

We do our best to present you with your ideal design and quotation the first time around as long as we follow a few simple steps. If you are planning on sending us some kitchen plans via email then please include the following details as below: Kitchen design Bury St Edmunds

Designing Your Kitchen


If you would like us to start the journey of designing your kitchen without us performing survey ourselves, we would need you to supply a detailed plan. This could be an architect’s drawing or a hand drawn plan with all the measurements of the kitchen. We especially need to know the heights of any windows from the floor.

Along with the ceiling heights and any beams or support struts which protrude downwards from the ceiling. The placements of stop cocks, fuse boards and boilers. You need detailed measurements of everything as this can impact which designs are possible.

In the process of creating you dream kitchen, if you are intending to knock rooms together to create a larger space, we would also need to know a detailed plan of the structural work you would like us to carry out. Once we have all this information, we can build a detailed plan of your room.

The Kitchen Style


The next step is to consider how you would like your kitchen to be styled. Be it modern or traditional or even something in between. We have furniture in all styles and finishes and can create a design to suit any lifestyle.

Other decisions to consider are the style of worktops you would like. There are so many options available this is a decision which must be carefully considered. We can advise you on which materials would be best to suit you and your family.

The Heart Of The Kitchen


At the heart of every kitchen is the cooker. The appliances you choose for you kitchen are unique to your style of cooking. Built in ovens with additional functions such as steam or automatic programmes can make life easier for those with limited time. Hobs with built in extraction keep a kitchen looking sleek and modern.

We can provide a huge range of different appliances. The main brands we like to use are Bosch and Neff for their innovative technology and quality of build. Once again, we are happy to advise or specify appliances for your kitchen based on your individual needs. Our Brands we work with.

The Kitchen Design Process


During the design process we always love to see your inspirations, picture collages. Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards are all helpful as it allows us to really understand the look and feel of your dream kitchen. We can design kitchens to suit all budgets, it is always helpful to us if you can provide us with a rough idea of your budget. Then we can choose products and suggest ideas which will best suit you.

If you would like to chat about your project then do give the showroom a call and speak to one of our designers on 01366 727417 or email us at

We will look forward to hearing from you.