Aisling Artisan Furniture

Attention to detail is the cornerstone of the Aisling brand, whether it applies to a full room design or an individual signature piece. Every detail is carefully considered, from the overall look of your painted furniture and how it will integrate into your home, right down to the choice of hinges and handles. The craftsmen at Aisling will draw on their passion for design and their artistry to create made-to-order cabinetry that will last you a lifetime. Now available at our Thetford Showroom in Norfolk situated between Bury St Edmunds and Kings Lynn.


The majestic qualities of this bespoke painted Montreal kitchen are evident in its contrasting finishes and key design features, bringing together style and elegance in perfect harmony.

Warmed by the combination of painted Cream and White Oak finishes, this design uses both curves and straight lines to create a classically exquisite space.Adorned with original accessories such as inset trays, spice drawers and carved pull-out cutting boards, the island becomes a key focal point, boasting a circular end unit that reflects the curved doors used in the adjacent tall housings.


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