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7 DIY Ways to Organize Pots and Pans in Your Kitchen Cabinets


Pots and pans are an essential everyday kitchen item, but they can often be really awkward to store away. The trouble is, if stored incorrectly, they can make the entire room appear cluttered. Kitchen storage hacks used to be all the rage but if you have your kitchen design in Norwich you will not need the below hacks. Why I heard you ask ? because we will design every feature your kitchen needs for you personally. Meet our very own team who will help you every step of the way.

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We are not here to simply sell you a kitchen, we want to design the kitchen of your dreams and something that will change the way you live forever. However if you are not ready to upgrade your kitchen we still have a few of the old kitchen hacks below. Due to the current situation the kitchen remodelling may have to include a home office, we have put together some home office designs and inspirations.

If you’re looking for unique storage ideas to keep your pots and pans organized, below you’ll discover 7 great DIY ideas.

1. Use paper plate dividers


One problem with storing pots and pans in kitchen cabinets is they can easily become scratched if you need to stack them together. So you need pan dividers, one clever way to counteract this is to use paper plates as a divider between them. That way, they’ll be cushioned so the sides and bottoms won’t become scratched. It’s a simple, yet a very effective idea when you just don’t have the space to store them separately. Creating innovative storage solutions can make your kitchen look bigger.

Is a paper plate not pretty enough for your kitchen?  Then head over to Amazon and get a set of professional pan protectors, they usually come in a thick felt. They actually do make a difference and will extend the life of your pans.

2. Pan Organizer Rack


Stacking pans on top of each other can get to be a real pain, not only could they get damaged this way, its time consuming as well. You have to remove the whole stack to get to the one you want to use.  yuck!  To avoid this,  people have come up with an awesome idea of installing a saucepan divider, organiser rack vertically in your cabinet.  This way, you can remove one without having to touch all the others.This solution for stacking pans using four-sort dividers is simply brilliant!. Of course we can design your pots and pans storage rack for what is important for you.

pots and pans organisers

are some inspiration from Aisling Kitchens.

3. Deep drawer divider


If you have fairly deep drawers, you can help keep your pots and pans storage by organised by adding your own dividers. These can be made from cheap foam board if you’re on a budget.

Simply cut pieces of the foam board to the right shape and stick them down into the drawer, providing separate areas to store specific pots and pans. For example, one section could be used for roasting pots, while another could be used for frying pans. If the foam board looks too cheap for your kitchen we can build this solution into your kitchen design.

how to organise pots and pans


saucepan dividers

Todays modern deep drawer designs look so much more refined and stylish rather than just using a hack, upgrade your kitchen today and give the team a call.

wide drawers for pot storage 4. Cabinet hooks

The simplest idea of the list, adding hooks to the inside of a cabinet door can provide a fantastic place to hang pan lids. You’ll need 3M hooks which the lids can slot into. Once installed, the lids will be easy to reach, whilst eliminating clutter from the inside of the cabinet. Or we could simply design pan lid storage into one of your deep drawers as this is a little bit nineties now.

pan lids on cupboard doors


You can also use screw-in hooks to hang your pots and pans in your cupboard for easier access. II think this one takes us back to the eighties and of course we can provide much better solutions for kitchen storage. It might be a practical stop gap until you get the kitchen you deserve.

hanging storage for frying pans

We can design the storage solutions that is designed you and the space you have to work with.

corner storage for pots and pans 5. Sliding Storage

Another great idea is to install sliding storage in your cabinets. You can actually buy ready-made sliding storage racks which can be installed into a suitable cabinet. The pots and pans can either be stored onto the wire rack, or hung from them depending upon which type you opt for. This has to be my favorite cabinet organizer for pots and pans.  They look a lot like the racks you get in a dishwasher and really help to keep everything organised. Now this its something that we can incorporate into designing your kitchen in Bury St Edmunds.  The slide out storage system is the way to go for convenience.


Le Mans Corner Units

The Le Mans corner unit system is becoming a very popular option for storage. The Le Mans unit has a beautiful smooth action when you pull the storage systems in and out.

Le Mans corner storage system

Le Mans corner unit


pull out storage

wire frame storage rack Straight pull out storage

6.   Hang pots and pans in small kitchen

Have a small kitchen without much cabinet space?  Install a relatively inexpensive hanging storage solutions you can install in your kitchen for pots and pans. No more bending over and searching in deep kitchen cabinets! No matter the size of your kitchen our kitchen design team will come up with a solution to meet your needs. With decades of experience we have seen it all and nothing surprises anymore, on budget and on time installations.

tall kitchen cupboard storage

7.  Use Tension Rods to separate pans

It’s amazing what you can do with something as simple as a tension rod!  I use these throughout my home and in my RV to make the most out of my small kitchen spaces. Yes believe it or not this was a very well used solution for storing backing trays. There is no need to worry because when we design a kitchen we never forget about the smallest details, especially baking tray storage.

baking tray storage


These are just 7 great DIY ways to organize pots and pans in your kitchen cabinets. Regardless of how much space you have available, you’ll be able to incorporate at least one of these cookware storage ideas into your kitchen. Discover what the colour trends of 2022 will be.

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