how to make your kitchen look bigger

How To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Now regarded as the most used place of the home the kitchen now gets all the attention. But how do you make your kitchen look bigger without breaking the bank. Of course if you have the budget you knock down a kitchen wall and build an extension. In this post we will look at how you can increase the size of a small kitchen.


Colours To Make a Kitchen Look Bigger


Changing the colour of your kitchen is a relatively inexpensive way to make the kitchen look bigger. White is probably the best for making the small kitchen look bigger, but white is not to everyones choice. If it is colour that you want then go with some on trend colours such as, green. We used to think green and dark but now the have light airy natural colours such as teal. There are many variations around the colour teal and Dulux created some for their colours of 2022, they called it River Valley/

open up your kitchen with colour

If you want to go for something brighter, yellow can create a welcoming, sunny kitchen, giving a country vibe even in the middle of a city.


What Tiles Can Make The Kitchen Look Bigger


Geometric patterns can draw the eye vertically or lengthways to give the impression of a longer, taller kitchen. Urban subway tiles can give the sense of opening up the most miniscule area. The thick black lines between the subway tiles give the illusion that the kitchen is bigger. Do this to create the illusion of space and leading the eye to be drawn down the longest part of the kitchen.

kitchen tiles can make your kitchen look bigger


How Can You Lighten A Small Dark Kitchen


Light is the answer and some well placed mirrors, the best way to create a feeling of openness in a kitchen is having glass framed doors out to the garden. With the sunlight flooding in it will instantly make the kitchen feel larger than it is. If you only have a window in the kitchen then make sure you do not overdress the window too much. A light covering, ideally blinds that roll up and only take the space up the same size as the window frame.

kitchen patio doors letting in sunlight


What Kitchen Cabinets Can Make The Kitchen Look Larger


Again the colour would be white to give the feeling of space, however, if you need a little colour in the cabinets then think clean lines. Go for a gloss finish without handles, handles stop the line of sight, no handles and your eyes will be drawn all the way down the kitchen. This Second Nature Remo kitchen has a gloss finish and handless.

illusion of space from a white kitchen


Cabinet Size To Make the Kitchen More. Spacious


The standard kitchen wall cabinet is 30cm in depth, to make the kitchen look bigger you could opt for open shelving. These open shelves could be as little as 20cm in depth, they also bring a practicality to the kitchen, no more opening and closing doors.

open plan shelves to make your kitchen look bigger


Replace Cabinet Doors With Glass


One way to make a small kitchen appear larger is to remove some cabinet doors or replace the solid fronts with glass. This pulls the eye past the cabinet frames, into the depths of the cabinets, so the walls feel farther away. This trick is most effective if you can keep what’s in the cabinets orderly and color-coordinated; clutter tends to make a room feel crowded.


Integrated  Appliances Create The Illusion Of Space


Today most appliances can be fitted in a kitchen cabinet and thats why we recommend Bosch Appliances. Integrating your appliances keeps the clean lines of the cabinetry with no visual distractions. Keeping your worktops clear from clutter and small appliances will also create a bigger space in the kitchen. Ensure that you have enough storage in the kitchen so everything can be stored in a specific place. We have some great ideas on how to organise your pots and pans. If you are a keen cook then you may want to consider a perfect pantry to store all your cooking ingredients.

larder to decrease clutter and increase space in the kitchen

Ensure that you have specialist cabinets in the kitchen for storage, such as pan drawers and a Le Mans corner unit.


What Splashbacks Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger


A stainless steel backsplash will make your kitchen look bigger, not only will it reflect the light if it is polished it will act like a mirror. The next best finish for a  splashbacks to give the illusion of space in the kitchen is a high gloss finish. Looking for inspiration we have kitchen splashback ideas to help you decide what will fit into your kitchen design.



What Worktops Can Make the Kitchen Look More Spacious


White worktops would make the kitchen look so much bigger or something with a gloss finish. Again clean lines so probably best to avoid marble or granite that have busy patterns. If you wanted to introduce natural wood then direction of the planks running down the length of the kitchen would make it feel much bigger. Looking for worktop inspiration ?


oak kitchen worktop

Can Kitchen Flooring Make You Kitchen Look Bigger


Yes the kitchen flooring can make the kitchen feel bigger. You need a kitchen flooring with a high gloss finish to reflect the light. Natural wood or laminates with long planks of wood pointing towards the patio doors or window will help elongate the kitchen. You could even use slate tiles as long as they are highly polished slate tiles. Looking for on trend flooring, in this post we have some great ideas. For the maximum effect to make the kitchen look bigger you could use white floor tiles.

how to make the kitchen look bigger


Look up


Another visual trick is to guide the eyes upwards with vertical lines on the kitchen walls, a striking lighting fitting or geometric window or glass dome. You will create an impression of more height and therefore make a small kitchen look larger.


Use a horizontal stripe

Horizontal stripe wallpaper is a clever way of making a kitchen seem wider – especially useful for the end of a galley kitchen. Keep the shades of the stripes light and gentle in a small space – pastel shades are perfect.