Kitchen Evolution Through The Years

Kitchens, the heart of the home, but what is it we all want in the kitchen design of our dreams? On average the size of the kitchen in newly built homes

brave ground colour kitchen

CASUAL KITCHENS: Breakfast Bar Basics

At some point in time, someone decided to extend a work surface in their kitchen and then placed a stool there - and so the kitchen breakfast bar was invented.

Quooker fusion in black

Why Quooker?

The Quooker tap has become an indispensable appliance. But why should you install one in your new kitchen?

kitchen splashback ideas uk

Kitchen Splashback Inspiration

Are you stuck for ideas on what to put behind your sink and/or hob? Read on for some stylish and unique ideas for your splashback!

Kitchen Design For 2022

Newrooms was founded by Jamie Anderson in 2003 combining his family traditions of carpentry and building. Then by adding his flair and passion for art and design. Over the years