What is Kitchen Design

Effective kitchen design is the process of combining layout, surfaces, appliances. Then the design details to create a cooking space that’s easy to use, fun to cook and socialise in. It sounds so easy but often people get it so wrong and that’s why we offer  our kitchen design services in Norwich.

The world of effective kitchen design is a myriad of design ideas, guides and tips. Also a seemingly endless stream of expert advice from your friends, neighbours and parents. Where do you begin on this journey, of course, we would suggest that you start with our free kitchen design service. To help this culinary room redesign we’ve compiled a starting point to help guide you. To help you decide your needs to installing your work surfaces, appliances and cabinet styles. Our guide below will help you on your way to designing a dream kitchen that’s every bit as beautiful as it is practical. Perhaps you may want a breakfast bar in your new kitchen design.

Full Kitchen Refit or Modest Update?


Before you start planning your brand new kitchen  you first need to decide what your needs are. Do you want to simply give your kitchen a facelift, or start completely fresh? Budget, of course, will be a big determining factor. However, you should decide what works in your kitchen  and would like to keep it. If your kitchen layout works for example, why change it? It’s best to focus on areas in need of attention – replacing those rickety cabinets or updating the worktop can completely transform your space. Do the appliances need replacing or could perhaps the fridge just be hidden within a cabinet


Increasing storage is typically the main objective of kitchen planning. It’s quite common that over the years you accumulate kitchen gadgets from family and friends, along with your impulse buys. Do you use all the kitchen gadgets,  have you ever used some of them? Perhaps it’s time to get all those cooking, baking aids and put them on the table all together at once. It may astonish you how much you have and selling the unused ones might help with the budget with the new kitchen design.

Reasons For The New Kitchen Design


Consider your long-term plans for updating the kitchen. Is the redesign because you want to sell the property? If you’re planning on moving it might not add as much value as you think. Many new buyers want to add their style to their kitchens. They might not like your red-tile kitchen backsplash idea as much as you do. So if you plan to sell immediately or within the next 3 years then be conservative with your choice of colours and design. However, if you intend to stay in the house for over 10 years then be as bold and as personal as you want with your kitchen design. We also offer our kitchen design in Cambridge, and it’s still completely free. We have a guide for inspiration for kitchen design and colours trends in 2021.

What People Want From A Kitchen Redesign

We probably all want something different from our new kitchens, or do we. In a recent survey in the USA, the top-rated function of the kitchen was to be able to store things and find them in an instant. That was 60% of the respondent’s priority to just be able to find things easily in the kitchen. I am sure we are all guilty of the trash drawer in the kitchen along with buying appliances that we use a few times and never again. The design refit reason was that people wanted the kitchen to be easier to work in, along with the space to play and live in(40%). The kitchen has truly become the hub of the home where most of the family’s life takes place.

34% wanted the kitchen space designed to make it easier to entertain family and friends like this kitchen, breakfast room. Some of the respondents, 32% wanted clean uncluttered surfaces so it made it easier to clean and disinfect the kitchen. On a similar theme, reinforcing the hub of the home 28% of the people wanted to make sure that all the family could gather in the kitchen. What is the reason you want your kitchen updated? Whatever it is our kitchen design service will give you exactly what you want.

What People Want In 2021 From A New Kitchen

kitchen trends


The Full Kitchen Design Refit


If you decided that it’s an entirely new kitchen you want there are many things to consider. To help you determine your needs just ask yourself these questions about what is kitchen design.

  1. How can you keep the distance between your main workstations as short as possible? Most efficient kitchen layouts harness the power of the triangle.
  2. Where do you need the most worktop space? Next to the stove and oven, or closer to your serving area?
  3. What are your storage needs? Take a look at how much you need now and plan accordingly. Small kitchens require more thought and clever ideas.
  4. Are you a dinner party person? Do you have kids? Consider whether you need space for a table or bar for someone to sit and talk to you while cooking.
  5. Where do you want to store the appliances and utensils that you use most?
  6. Are you a gadget person? Do you want your tools stored away or out for quick use?
  7. What appliances are non-negotiables? Do you require a double-door fridge or gas stove? These decisions will affect your layout.
  8. Will, you also be changing the floor and what’s the best kitchen flooring 2021
  9. Do you need to incorporate a home office? Some office design inspiration.

Giving some thought about how you use your current kitchen will help you plan your new one. It’s the safest way to ensure that your daily needs aren’t overlooked.

Design Style & Layout

  • Breakfast bar or kitchen island
  • False ceiling
  • Natural light
  • General lighting
  • Good task lighting
  • Eating area or ability to sit at the benchtop
  • Optimise kitchen view/outlook
  • Luxury countertops
  • Accent pieces
  • Rustic elements
  • Quooker Tap


Storage and Cabinets

  • Appliance cupboard
  • Space for special appliances
  • Waste disposal unit
  • Built-in rubbish bin or recycling bins
  • New cupboards or new doors and handles
  • Touch technology cabinetry
  • Butler’s pantry
  • Lots of easy-access drawers or pull-outs
  • Display shelves
  • Cabinet for bottles, herbs and spices
  • Cabinets for kitchen utensils, accessories, cutlery and dinnerware
  • Cabinet for baking utensils
  • Cabinet for cleaning products
  • Rotating corner cupboard shelving


Kitchen Appliances And Design


Now you’ll want to consider the constraints of your space. Where are the doors? Where are the windows? What about the electrical outlets? Where is the plumbing and will your kitchen plan be based around where all these are currently. If you decide that you want to consider changing everything then you will need other tradesmen.

Tradesmen Needed For Full Kitchen Refits
  • Plumber (gas & water)
  • Electricians
  • Bricklayer
  • Kitchen designer
  • Project Manager

If you choose newrooms design for your kitchen project then our team can manage everything for you and it will all be included with the quote. Of course, once you start to change the plumbing and electrical sockets locations  the budget of the remodel will increase considerably. This is something that needs to be taken into account.


Brands We Work With In Our Designs


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The Modest Kitchen Update


When money’s tight, or you simply don’t need a full-scale kitchen remodel, thousands of design ideas can make an impact on your kitchen. All without costing you an arm and a leg without compromising your finical situation. To get you started, consider these options when planning your kitchen update:

  1. Paint – a fresh coat of paint is by far the simplest, most impactful refresh you can make in your kitchen. It’s easy to DIY and an excellent way to add personality and colour to your kitchen. Do you need some kitchen stori touch up paint
  2. Update your worktops and cabinet doors – many building suppliers and home department stores offer new kitchen cabinet doors and work surfaces – at a fraction of the price of a new one. Get started by discovering the modern surfaces and materials designers use today.
  3. Lighting – good lighting can go a long way to transforming your kitchen. Spotlights or under-counter lighting adds a futuristic touch, while classic choices like pendant lights bring a more homely feeling to your space. Consider the mood you’re going for.
  4. Flooring – old vinyl floors have no place in anyone’s kitchen. If your floor weathered and mucky, replacing it could lift the room dramatically. Natural materials like stone and hardwood are more expensive but could make a huge difference.


What Is Kitchen Design On A Budget


No, it’s not always possible to have the budget you want for your new kitchen design so you need to be super focused on what you change. Surprisingly just changing the kitchen floor can have a dramatic effect on the whole look and feel of the kitchen. Likewise changing the worktops to a contrasting colour can have a great effect as well, like the flooring the worktops cover a large surface area. Changing cabinet doors can be a cheap and effective way to change how the room feels. However it depends on how old your cabinets are. Also, it depends on the previous fitting as the new doors fittings may not be compatible to fit and usually, the work required to make them fit becomes more expensive than a new carcass.

The one thing you have to have on designing a kitchen on a budget is compromises. Do your research and costings first of all, keep a detailed spreadsheet so you can see instant totals if you make any changes. It will also keep you from exploring the same options over and over again. You will also find it useful to list the suppliers who have the most budge-friendly items for your redesign.

exposed brickwork

Budget Design Ideas 


  • Cabinet doors, change the cabinet doors, however, if they cannot be changed then change the handles
  • Tiles, if they are looking tired and old consider re-grouting them. If this isn’t an option consider going back to the brickwork and sealing that for a rustic industrial look.
  • Keep the original layout
  • The existing appliances to remain the same
  • Used your limited budget to change large areas, floor or worktops
  • Change the lighting, it can have a big effect on the mood of a kitchen
  • Consider open shelving as they are much more cost-effective
  • DIY, do as much of the work yourself, however when you need a professional get one in. It will be more cost-effective than you trying to learn a new skill.
  • Painting kitchen cabinets, before you consider this you need to realise it isn’t as simple as it looks. If you do, make sure you test the inside of the door first. It usually turns out to be quite a labour intense project getting the finish you desire. If you don’t paint on a regularly it becomes nearly impossible to get the look.
  • Vinyl wrapping kitchen doors, again this is not as simple as it looks, often it can leave bubbles in the vinyl. I would not recommend this if you have contours in your kitchen cabinet doors.


There are hundreds of kitchen ideas that fit every style, budget and layout. Get started by determining your needs and deciding whether to do it yourself or opt for professional fitment. Also, familiarise yourself with the various kitchen styles to nail down the look you want. From modern kitchens to more traditional styles – there’s sure to be a look that grabs you.